Youtube Channel Name Generator - Ideas & Guide to Stand out

With YouTube channel name generator you will get creative ideas for your channel name with instant domain availability. Start with your channel in YouTube now

Youtube Channel Name Generator - Ideas & Guide to Stand out

How to choose a Great Youtube Channel Name?

Youtube has become the second search engine only behind google and since 2018 ahead of yahoo. Your YouTube name is the first thing people see when search for information, tutorials, how-tos or help.

Tips to stand out with a Youtube Channel Name

  • What it's about: Someone should know what your channel is about at a glance. Use some informative keywords, but not all. Make it memorable, unconventional.
  • Capital Letters: For better readability, it is better to capitalize your name if it is more than one. You would be surprised how many youtubers do not take this tip into account and which can help you stand out.
  • Not too specific: try not to be too specific, who knows if you would like to talk about other related topics later. For example, if your channel is called "CoffeeMachines", you are limiting yourself a bit, instead if your channel is called "CoffeeSecrets", there you can talk about everything related to coffee.
  • Try to evoke emotions: emotions are why your channel will be remembered, not just information.

This is a basic sample name list that I created and you can use it or add your own ideas to start the youtube channel name searching.

Enter several words with your idea separated by space. e.g. "creative brand look", "creative*"
Enter several words by spaces. e.g., domain name generator, names*

3 steps to find an original youtube channel name

These steps will help you find a memorable channel name that will take your company to the next level.

1. Brainstorm your name ideas

Choose all the names related to your business idea and write them down in a list of names. Don't worry about how crazy the names can be. It's only the beginning.

You should get as many names as you can to get rid of some of them later.

2. Checklist for your name ideas

Once the name list is ready, we have to pass this checklist to make sure it is an unforgettable name.

You can pick several names and mix them up in the business name generator above.

Be careful of uppercase

3. Checking domain name availability

Make sure the domain name is also available to complete brand search.

With the help of the name generator we can see at a glance all available domain names:

Enter several words with your idea separated by space. e.g. "creative brand look", "creative*"
Enter several words by spaces. e.g., domain name generator, names*

Tips to find the best domain name for your business brand or personal site

1. Choose a brandable name, not generic

Choose a memorable name not keyword stuffed, like or

A memorable one helps you stand out from the mainstream and your users will find it easy to remember.

Although adding some keywords is important for your seo positioning, don't make keywords stuffing, as it can have the opposite effect on your seo efforts.

Find unique catchy domains names and easy to remember and that you should be willing to marry.

2. Keep It Short, Simple, and easy to pronounce and spell

Make sure your domain name is easy to spell and pronounce. Avoid confusing terms, hyphens, numbers or strange spellings.

  • Merge 2 - 3 terms: choose several ideas from your list and using the name generator you will find a lot of name ideas that you would not even have thought of.
  • Choose synonyms if your main idea is taken. (e.g. thesaurus)
  • Always go for the .com first: let's not fool ourselves, everyone looks first for the .com (maybe even the .org or .net). This extension gives us more professionalism to our brand and trust-worthy. Also, .com is easy to type from mobiles, most keyboards come with *.com* key.

3. Avoid trademark problems or already in use

If your trademark is confusingly similar to another registered trademark, you may be in trouble for trademark infringement.

If your trademark conflicts with another trademark you may end up losing it.

Before you buy, check this link to make sure: